[FAQ] — How to Play To Earn with WonderHero? — Play To Earn Guide

Play WonderHero and earn while you play! With blockchain technology, WonderHero is empowering gamers around the world to have the best of both worlds, play and earn at the same time. If you are aspiring to be a “play to earn” gamer, WonderHero makes it a breeze for you to start with!

This guide will show you the various ways to earn while playing WonderHero. We will periodically update this guide as we progress further in development.


  • What is WND Token & HON Token? What are they used for in WonderHero?

// What is WND Token & HON Token? What are they used for in WonderHero?

In WonderHero, every Hero skin, Weapon, Equipment are NFT collectibles and require our token WND and/or HON to upgrade them.

For example, Weapon requires both WND & HON to upgrade or modify. Hero skin and Equipment requires HON to upgrade.

Beside using it for upgrades, WND Tokens are also the governance token of the project, which players can use to participate in voting for the future direction of the game.

HON Tokens can be earned as rewards by completing missions or winning battles.

// How to Play to Earn with WonderHero?

Players can earn WND / HON and other valuable NFTs by advancing the Battle mode (PVE ) or by competing against other players in PVP battles.

How Play to Earn works?

In WonderHero Battle Mode, there are many rewards to be earned by completing the Chapter missions.

Each mission has challenges for players to complete and every challenge completed grants the player 1 star. These stars are required to unlock additional rewards that often contain WND tokens and other valuable items.

Players can also earn rare NFT dropped in Boss fights.

Players can also earn HON or other NFT drops upon when they win a mission. The higher the level, the more players can earn.

Every player has their short term and long term objectives, and they often have to decide between:

  • to liquidate the WND to get ETH/USDT immediately or…

We will share more regarding the Play to Earn PVP portion at a later date.

// Rewards earned vs Spending cost of playing

As players seek to reach higher levels to be competitive and also play to earn more tokens, the cost of WND and HON to upgrade NFT assets start to get costlier.

In WonderHero, we have designed the farm output (rewards earned) of WND and HON to have differences for players at different stages of the game. This is to achieve a constant dynamic balance of WonderHero Play to Earn economy.

For WND, the amount earned will gradually increase as players progress further into the game. This benefits and rewards players who are committed to play to earn with WonderHero for the long run.

// Other Income earning streams on WonderHero

  • NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace: Upgrade heroes, weapons and equipment to sell at higher price

  • As a turn-based RPG that involves strategic positioning and tactical preparation, having good weapons and equipment are essential for winning against tougher enemies.

Stake high value NFT to get WND rewards weekly.

  • Players can also choose to speculate the value of a rare equipment that they own. Instead of selling it away on the marketplace at its current price, players can choose to stake their high value NFT on WonderHero Staking platform to earn WND rewards weekly, and sell it only when the equipment commands a higher price.

Stake WND and get WND rewards weekly.

  • For players who like a more stable stream of earnings, they can stake WND on WonderHero’s Staking Platform to earn WND rewards weekly. This could act like a bonus income for players who are planning to be away for a short period of time.

Taking part in the co-sharing ecosystem from WonderHero’s Yield System.

  • Yield System is another good tool for play to earn, it is a platform within WonderHero that enables players from all walks of life to participate and be part of this ever rich ecosystem.

// How to liquidate your Play to Earn Tokens?

Players can farm for WND and HON that are needed to evolve weapons. WND and HON will be listed on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) for trading.

  • As WND & HON token holders, players have the flexibility to trade on DEXes with the tokens that they have farmed for in WonderHero.

// Multiple ways to earn. Easy to liquidate

With WonderHero, players are not stuck with limited options to earn but empowered with the flexibility to decide how they want to earn and when they want to liquidate to get income. The team at WonderHero is committed to constantly review and refine the ecosystem to ensure balance and longevity of the project.

More advanced play to earn guides will be out soon and updated here. Be sure to check back.

// More About WonderHero Universe

Hero Intro: Vel Kyrie
Hero Intro: Shion Muramasa
Hero Intro: Fuma Kojiro
Hero Intro: Nightingale
Hero Intro: Angela Hunt

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WonderHero is NFT play-to-earn mobile game. The game is a turn-based MMORPG for iOS/Android where players collect Heroes, enter RPG combat and earn tokens.