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Want to have an edge against other players or to win more so that you can gain more rewards for the time you are going to invest in WonderHero?

You must be a smart one to be here! Because there is no better way than starting with a great game guide that gives you critical information that will help you to advance quickly and more efficiently.

Study this in detail and you will be on the path to become the best commander in WonderHero!


  • Game Intro

Note: We will be updating this guide progressively. More details will be added.

// Game Intro: What is WonderHero?

Turn-based RPG refined for the best mobile experience

WonderHero is a Play to Earn turn-based RPG mobile game; players can collect NFTs (Heroes, Weapons and Equipment), trade in marketplace and earn while playing WonderHero.

Set in the far future, the aftermath of nuclear war on Earth has forced the last of human civilization to inhabit the massive space station, Icarus VI.

Decades later, the first group of students from Hero Academy onboard Icarus VI was sent back to Earth for a recon mission. What they found was not a recovering paradise, but one inhabited by unimaginable monstrosities.

// Game Modes

In WonderHero, there are 2 main modes — the Battle Mode (PvE Story campaign) and the Arena mode (PvP)

In Battle mode (PvE), players will play through an exciting story campaign, as more of the WonderHero universe is revealed when they complete a chapter and progresses further. Each chapter has challenges, completing these challenges will grant players a star. Upon collecting sufficient stars, players can earn additional rewards.

In Arena mode (PvP), players will go against other players to advance to the top rank.

We will share more of the Arena mode at a later date.

// Battle System

Players control a team of 4 heroes to battle against enemies on a 8 x 4 grid battlefield. To win the battle, defeat the enemies by reducing their health to 0.

Battle Phases

There are 2 main phases during Battle.
1) Ally Action
2) Enemy Action

Ally Action Phase

During the Ally Action Phase, move the heroes to an effective range in order to attack the enemies or position the heroes to gain strategic advantage.

Pressing the Action button will confirm the action for the Heroes and ends the Ally Phase. The heroes will perform their attacks.

Note: Ally hero ultimate skills can be activated during this phase and will not end the turn.

Enemy Action Phase

Enemy Action Phase starts when Ally Action Phase ends. The enemies will move and launch their attack. Once the enemies have finished the attacks, this phase will end and return to Ally Action Phase.

Terrain Effects

There are special terrains in WonderHero battlefield. Any hero who stands on top of these terrains can enhance stats or be dealt with negative effects.

So players need to watch where they position the heroes!

Status Effects
There are various status effects in WonderHero that can be caused by skills or terrains, ranging from:

i) Bleed — prevents target from healing
ii) Disarm — prevents target from attacking
iii) Invulnerable — cannot be damaged
iv) Stunned — cannot perform any action
And more…

// Battle Preparation

Preparation is essential to win battles in WonderHero.

Team Composition

Players can bring up to 4 heroes for battle. This allows players to build a team best suited based on playstyle and strategy.

Preparing Individual Hero

You can equip weapon and equipment to a Hero.

Equipping weapons and equipment will increase Hero’s stats.

Use items to increase the level of the Hero or by winning battles

Level up Hero by winning battles or using items.

Each hero also has its own exclusive set of skins. The higher the star grade of the skin, the better it is. Equipping a different skin will grant the Hero different stats or a variation of skills.

// Heroes

There are 3 main races in WonderHero and each Hero falls into one of the following:

1) Human
2) Mech
3) Cyborg

A Human Hero has combat advantage against the Mechs.

A Mech Hero has combat advantage against the Cyborgs.

And a Cyborg Hero has combat advantage against the Humans.

More information about Heroes will be updated. Stay tuned.

// Weapons

Weapon Elements

Each weapon also comes in different elements. These elements are essential in Boss Fights, which we will explain in more detail in the Boss Battles section below.

Following are the elements:
- Fire
- Ice
- Wind
- Dark
- Light

Weapon Attack Type

Each weapon that the Hero is equipped with has its own attack range and characteristics.

Normal Attack: Hero attacks the nearest enemies. Attack does not pierce through the target or obstacles.

Piercing Attack: Hero’s attack will pierce through multiple targets but will be blocked by obstacles.

Leap Attack: Hero’s attack is not blocked by obstacles, but does not pierce through the target.

Deadeye Attack: Hero’s attack is not blocked by obstacles and can pierce through multiple targets.

More information about Weapons will be updated. Stay tuned.

// Equipment

There is a lot of equipment in WonderHero. A equipment set consists of:
- Headgear
- Battlesuit
- Badge

Equipping these will increase the Hero stats, improving their damage, defense and more.

Some rare equipment comes in a set. By collecting and equipping the full set, the Hero will be granted with additional skill.

There is also some standalone equipment that provides additional skill too.

More information about Equipment will be updated. Stay tuned.

// Boss Battles

Breakable Boss Parts

Most bosses in WonderHero come with breakable parts. Breaking these parts will grant a chance to get rare NFT drops.

To damage and break these parts, the Hero needs to be equipped with a weapon with corresponding elements. Each of these parts has a HP bar that indicates its health, reducing it to 0 will break the part.

For example, if the boss part is a Wind element, you need a Hero equipped with a Wind element weapon to deal damage to it. A Fire element weapon will deal damage to the Boss HP but does not reduce the HP of the Wind element boss part.

Use weapons with matching elements to deal damage to Boss parts.

Tip: Avoid Boss Ultimate Skills

Boss ultimate skill may cause serious damage to your Heroes. Look out for warning signs on the battle grids that will indicate the Boss ultimate skill’s area of effect.

// More About WonderHero Universe

Hero Intro: Vel Kyrie
Hero Intro: Shion Muramasa
Hero Intro: Fuma Kojiro
Hero Intro: Nightingale
Hero Intro: Angela Hunt

// Official Channels

Be sure to follow us on these channels for the latest information and updates.

Website: www.WonderHero.io
Medium: wonderhero.medium.com
Twitter: twitter.com/Wonderhero_io
Facebook: facebook.com/wonderhero.io
Telegram: t.me/wonderhero_io
Telegram Announcement: t.me/wonderhero_official



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