[Tournament] Solo Tournament! Take Part in WonderHero 1st Year Anniversary Tournament With A Total Prize Pool of 750 USDT

6 min readOct 21, 2022


[Update on 3 Jan 2023]
Due to the iOS issue, the tournament was paused while the team pursued a viable resolution for our affected players. However, this issue may be a tougher nut to crack as there are many requirements to adhere to the App Store standards. In view of the uncertain timeline, we have decided to resume the Tournament from where we left off.

As such, participants please note the Tournament will resume on 5 Jan 2023, Thursday at 21:00 UTC+8. iOS players are encouraged to switch to using Android or an emulator (such as Bluestacks) to continue playing.

21 October was the date when $WND IDO happened last year. The past year has been full of excitement, innovation, and ups and downs, but we have achieved and learned much more than we’d hoped. What kept us going was none other than the strong support from our partners and our community, and we couldn’t have come so far without you. Thank you for being part of our community, we promise there’s more to come in the upcoming months!

To celebrate this milestone date, WonderHero is launching a 1st Year Anniversary Tournament and we love to see our players take part and forge stronger community bonds! Our community has always been the core of WonderHero, and we take our members’ feedback seriously. Hence, after evaluating the feedback, this tournament will be in a SOLO format and Green Weapon + its corresponding equipment sets will not be allowed.

Moreover, we have decided to go for a Double Elimination instead of a Single Elimination. This gives participants another shot to come back from the initial defeat.

To date, we have over 40 players who have registered and we are extending LAST CALL for those who just saw this announcement or were waiting for more Tournament details.

Last Call Registration ends on 26 Oct 2022

Register here now: [Link]

*If you have registered previously in our Register & Vote form, you DO NOT NEED to register again. Check the Pre-Registrants list here [Link]

// Tournament Info

Duration: 28 Oct 2022 — 19 Jan 2023*

Format: Double Elimination, Solo

Tournament Bracket: [Link]

Others: Green weapon and its corresponding equipment set NOT allowed. View List [Link]

Max players: 64. (There will be a waiting list, if anyone drops out before the tournament, we will add in from the waiting list.)

// Prizes Position

Prize Amount

1st: 200 USDT

2nd: 160 USDT

3rd: 120 USDT

4th: 50 USDT

5–8th: 25 USDT each

9th — 20th: 10 USDT each

*If you are a scholar who won in the Top 20 place, the USDT prize will be split with your Guild. (60% Scholar, 40% Guild)

// How to Participate

1. Only Level 6 and above WonderHero Scholar & Solo Player Game Accounts are eligible to participate in Community Tournaments. Players registering with Level 5 and below WonderHero Game Accounts will be automatically disqualified.

2. Fill in the required info in the Tournament Registration form [Link]

3. Once Registration Form is completed, proceed to WonderHero Discord [Link], our WonderCaptains will assign the tournament player role and participants will have access to the Tournament Channels for match instructions.

// Tournament Format

All Participants must ensure that they have a good internet connection before participating in tournament matches. In the event of internet connection issues and the Participant is unable to complete the match, the Participant’s manual offense match will be forfeited. Opponents can continue to play their manual offense match to gain their match points.

1. Our Tournament Structure is categorized into 7 rounds in the winners’ bracket and 10 rounds in the losers’ bracket, with each round played on specific dates.

Tournament Bracket link: https://challonge.com/WH1st

2. At the beginning of each round, the Tournament Host will issue the Game IDs to tournament players to add and accept their opponent. Upon issuing the Game IDs, all participants must accept the friend request within 5 minutes. Failure to accept the friend request within 5 minutes will result in the opponent winning the match by walkover.

3. All offense matches can be fought either in auto or manual mode using Friend Spar game mode. There will be a total of 2 Auto/Manual Offense Friend Spar Matches fought between 2 players. (1 Auto/Manual offense match for each player).

4. Tournament Participants are to record their Auto/Manual Offense Gameplay against the assigned opponent, and do the following after finishing the assigned match:

i) Send in the 3 required screenshots to the Discord #match-verification channel in this format:

[Your Game ID #123456 vs Opponent’s Game ID #123457]

- Screenshot #1: Opponent screenshot

Take a screenshot while the match is loading.

- Screenshot #3: Victory/Defeat screenshot

Take a screenshot before the match starts.

- Screenshot #3: Victory/Defeat screenshot

Take a screenshot before the Victory / Defeat words appear.

*Note: Failure to send the required screenshots within 5 minutes will result in the opponent winning via walkover.

ii) Upload the Gameplay video to Google Drive, and set the file permission to allow public viewing.

iii) Once your video has finished uploading, edit your message and add the video link for verification.

5. In the event where both tournament players win the manual offense matches, the winning point will be awarded to the Player who won the match with a lesser number of turns and higher number of heroes surviving the battle.

6. Semi Finals and Finals matches will be played live via Discord Livestream. A match room and a tournament referee will be assigned to Tournament Finalists during Semi Finals and Finals.

7. Once we’ve verified our Tournament Winners, all Prizes will be issued accordingly the following Week Tuesday.

8. WonderHero reserves the right at any time in its sole and absolute discretion to determine and/or amend or vary these terms and conditions without prior notice, including but not limited to canceling, extending, terminating, or suspending this tournament, the eligibility terms and criteria, the selection and number of winners, and the timing of any action to be done, and all Participants shall be bound by these amendments.

// About WonderHero

WonderHero is a NFT turn-based mobile game, where gamers can earn rare NFTs (non-fungible token) and sell them on a peer-to-peer marketplace.

The team believes in forming a balanced universe where players of different levels can provide each other income opportunities while having fun at the same time.

WonderHero is led by a stellar team with leadership experience operating in a Top 20 crypto exchange and over 10 years of combined experience in gaming.

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WonderHero is NFT play-to-earn mobile game. The game is a turn-based MMORPG for iOS/Android where players collect Heroes, enter RPG combat and earn tokens.