[WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT] — WonderHero Weekly YouTube Stars — Week 2 Winners Announced!

As we simplify our Week 2 Campaign Requirements, we are delighted to see new content creators taking their first steps in creating WonderHero videos and sharing valuable tips!

It has been gratifying to see our players coming together to help build the WonderHero community with their gameplay experience and knowledge through content creation.

Without further ado, let’s get to the WonderHero YouTube Stars of Week 2!

// Runner Ups (Week 2)

  1. YouTuber: みどりん
    Prize: 1x PVP Lottery Ticket

みどりん gets into details on the Stats Attribute and the Weapon Stats to look out for when purchasing Heroes’ Weapons at the Marketplace.

2) YouTuber: kohbens
Prize: 1x PVP Lottery Ticket

Beginner’s Guide about getting the Starting Heroes at the Marketplace.


WonderHero Weekly YouTuber Stars (Week 2), the best video for week 2 goes to…

YouTuber: Fate
Prize: 1x WonderBox

Fate goes into concise details on the types of Attack Attributes in Weapons and how you will know what type of Attack Attribute your weapons have. He also shares his views on which Damage type is the best for Attacking.

We would like to award Fate as the Best Video of Week 2 as we like the amount of info he has shared on every Stat Attribute and how he breaks down choosing between True Damage and Critical Damage.

This week has been a challenge for us to decide the best video between みどりん and Fate, as both video content are talking about Stats Attribute, they are quite similar with each having different good points. After a long discussion within our team, we finally decided to award Fate with the best video!

We would like to thank everyone for participating and submitting your videos in our WonderHero YouTube Stars Campaign. Congratulations to our Week 2 Winners, your video will be shared and featured on our Social Media.

We hope to bring more campaigns to players to take the leap on content creation and also a chance to share valuable tips and tricks to our WonderHero Community!

// About WonderHero

WonderHero is a Play to Earn Mobile RPG game for iOS and Android, where gamers can earn NFTs through tactical turn-based battles, and sell them on a peer-to-peer marketplace.

New to WonderHero? Here’s how to get started: https://swiy.io/gettingstarted

Be sure to follow us on our official WonderHero channels for the latest information and updates.

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WonderHero is NFT play-to-earn mobile game. The game is a turn-based MMORPG for iOS/Android where players collect Heroes, enter RPG combat and earn tokens.

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WonderHero is NFT play-to-earn mobile game. The game is a turn-based MMORPG for iOS/Android where players collect Heroes, enter RPG combat and earn tokens.

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