[ANNOUNCEMENT] WonderHero To Focus On Rewarding Players Who Plays Better, Moves Away From P2E.

Over the past few months, blockchain gaming has seen the rise of the Play-to-earn model and the challenges that came along with it. The sustainability of the Play-to-earn model was widely discussed across the industry, with newer models such as Play-and-earn or Play-or-earn being mentioned as the possible future.

For WonderHero, we have previously mentioned Proof of Power as the model we’re working towards. Our team has looked into this extensively, consulting our advisors and partners on the model, and after much deliberation, revisiting the drawing board several times, we have arrived at the conclusion that Proof of Power is not the model that can revitalize our game economy, as it does not solves the root issue of token consumption and utility. We have put the development of Proof of Power on hold while shifting our focus on reducing token emissions and restructuring our reward system to benefit players who perform better than others.

We have done an internal study of the token consumption of the game and here is a summary:

In the last 3 months

Upgraded to at least NFT Level 3:

Spent at least 2,160 $HON — 45.19%
Spent at least 4.8 $WND — 31.29%

Spent above average
Spent at least 7,200 $HON — 19.88%
Spent at least 27 $WND — 14.12%

Didn’t spend at all — 54.81%

As the data above shows, the users who are passionate about the game are consuming more than average to pursue excellence in the game. However, there is a dangerously high percentage of users who have not upgraded their NFTs like how players in an ordinary game would upgrade their items to level up. This effect caused a great burden on the ecosystem with a negative effect, meaning, that if the game scales, the negative effect grows bigger. In retrospect, even though there is an above-average expenditure of tokens on consumption to upgrade items, the passionate players are not seeing much effect in the game ecosystem.

It has been proven that there is no best of both worlds where competitive players and farmers get great returns equally, the ecosystem we see today in WonderHero is at the expense of the optimism to strike that perfect balance. Hence the team made a difficult but necessary decision to shift the game’s focus towards an entertainment-driven and contributor-oriented direction. The passionate and competitive players that dedicate their time towards mastery of the game should be rewarded better while short-term players who are in it for PvE returns should be converted to competitive players for the long term.

We will be decreasing PvE token drops and shifting them to PvP rewards to reward PvP players. This shift will inevitably mean that existing users farming in PvE will have to battle in PvP to get more rewards. WonderHero, being a game with a competitive RPG nature, will surround its future with competitive gameplay and rewards. Players can still play PvE for the “Story Mode” experience. A competitive gameplay structure will gear the game towards a sustainable ecosystem. We want to reward the true contributors to the game and when the ecosystem has turned positive, the team will be ready to embark on user growth strategies to onboard more users who are attracted to the gameplay and its competitive nature.

Besides adding more features and more ways for our gamers to use tokens to improve their gaming experience, it is inevitable that WonderHero has to take on a more skill-based approach to achieve a healthier game economy.

Reduce HON Emissions

With the upcoming update next week, we are taking the steps to reduce our HON emissions.

Here are the changes that will take place on 4 July 2022, 8:30 AM UTC+8:

Daily Missions:

  • Clear 5 stages — from 40 HON changed to 1 extra energy
  • Enhance NFT 1 time — from 1 extra energy to 10 HON
  • Win 2 matches in PVP Arena — from 40 HON to 5 HON

Weekly Quests:

  • Win 10 Matches in PVP Arena — from 100 HON to 10 HON
  • Enhance NFT 10 times — from 200 HON to 20 HON

This step is necessary to deter zombie farmers who are only playing PVE mode repeatedly to extract value from daily and weekly quests rewards, without ever needing to upgrade and compete with other players. This change will gradually offer WonderHero community a better economy where more players will actively compete in PVP, consuming HON and WND to upgrade their NFTs and become stronger.

With that, our team will be looking into improving PVP rewards to make them more rewarding for players while keeping our token emissions in check.


We’re also doing a mini-trial run of Guild vs Guilds with 2 guilds this week. If this test goes well, we will start running community tournaments as well as GvG tournaments, which will allow us to focus on more competitive aspects of WonderHero and reward competitive players within our community who take part.

NFT Refinement (NFT Burn)

After our most recent NFT refinement Livestream, there was some valuable feedback from our guild masters, stating there are concerns about the security of their NFTs! Hence, we had to postpone the launch of this feature as we needed to work on some tweaks to resolve this. We’re grateful for our community’s continuous support and feedback, helping us along our journey! Thank you!

This feature is undergoing fixes and the release date will be announced.

Infinite War

This popular rogue-like game mode is under development. Besides a better reward structure, our team is also exploring the idea of using Infinite War to allow new players to trial play WonderHero. This acts like a guest account, where players can play the super fun Infinite War game mode before registering for their real account if they enjoy the game.

Upcoming Partnerships

We have announced our partnership with Itheum recently and we are in the midst of integrating the API to make gamer passports a reality for WonderHero community. There are other upcoming partnerships that we will reveal when details are finalized. The future of GameFi is bright and we will continue to form new partnerships to bring more value to our community!

— — — — — — — — — —

While we continue to observe the data and implement changes, we are certain that the conditions will become unfavorable for zombie farmers which forces them to leave the ecosystem, and players who are with us for the long run would be able to see the longer-term benefits of how this will turn out to be for our larger community.

We understand there will be questions from our community regarding the future of WonderHero and the changes. AMA will be announced soon and we look forward to seeing you there!



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WonderHero is NFT play-to-earn mobile game. The game is a turn-based MMORPG for iOS/Android where players collect Heroes, enter RPG combat and earn tokens.