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We realized many community members are unsure how to distinguish the value of their WonderHero NFTs and there are questions regarding the different color backgrounds and star ratings. If you are one of those who are still figuring out how valuable your NFTs are, be sure to read this thoroughly!

This article will explain in detail how WonderHero NFTs are classified, how NFT staking power is calculated and why some colored background NFTs are of high value!

By the end of this article, you will see WonderHero NFTs in a whole new light!

// How to distinguish the value of NFT?

You might have noticed, WonderHero NFTs have various background colors, star ratings and some come with different border designs too. So how do you distinguish and understand what it all means?

In general, the higher the star rating, the bigger probability of getting good attributes for the NFTs. But first, let’s refer to this chart below for a better idea of what all the colors mean.

Based on this chart, we can see there are 2 different background colors for 3-star, 4-star and 5-star NFTs. The blue, purple and orange background represents standalone single equipment, they do not trigger equipment set abilities, while the green background represents the NFT are part of an equipment set.

Do note that this chart is only applicable for Weapon & Equipment NFTs. Hero Skins are represented differently. (2-star &3-star Hero Skin are purple background, 4-star & 5-star Hero Skin are orange background)

For example:
i. Standalone Single NFT

ii. 3-Piece Equipment Set ( Headgear, Battlesuit, Badge)

iii. Standalone Weapon NFT

iv. 4-Piece Equipment Set (Weapon, Headgear, Battlesuit, Badge)

v. 2-star & 3-star Hero Skin

vi. 4-star & 5-star Hero Skin

In summary, if you see a GREEN background, it’s rare because it is part of an equipment set, and you need to collect the full set in order to unlock additional skill! (Not an easy feat to do that in the game)

// NFT Star Rating and Staking Power Calculation

All WonderHero NFT can be staked to earn $WND rewards on wonderhero.io. The star rating of the NFT determines the staking power.

Base Staking Power
1-star = 1
2-star = 5
3-star = 10
4-star = 20
5-star = 30

When you upgrade the NFTs using $HON and/or $WND, the NFT will become more valuable and increases its staking power too.

NFT Staking Power = Base Staking Power + (HONCost x 0.1) + (WNDCost x 10)

*HONCost: the cumulative amount of $HON consumed by NFT for upgrading.
*WNDCost: the cumulative amount of $WND consumed by NFT for upgrading.

The higher the staking power, the more NFT staking rewards you will receive.

// About WonderBox & How to Read the Info Chart

Each WonderBox contains 5 NFTs; by opening a box, you will receive 1 Hero Skin, 1 Weapon and 3 Equipment. Every WonderBox is randomized, ranging from 2-star to 5-star, with 5-star as the highest rating.

The 5-star WonderBox contains the rare Hero skin, weapon and equipment set, of which some of these sets are Hero exclusive.

Using Celeste le Croix as an example…

Equipment Set A — Celeste le Croix exclusive
i) Anubis’ Oath (Headgear)
ii) Anubis’ Attire (Battlesuit)
iii) Anubis’ Balance (Badge)
iv) Formless Demon (Weapon)

This equipment set will enable the following effect:
When Celeste’s HP falls below 40%, she enters the Coffin of Eversleep, restoring her HP, increasing her Resist and also disarming nearby enemies for a turn. Celeste can use this skill: Awaken from Coffin to break from the coffin, and this reduces her ultimate skill cooldown by 5.

Equipment Set B — Celeste le Croix exclusive

i) Feast of Blood (Headgear)
ii) Cursed Robe (Battlesuit)
iii) Bloody Chronicles (Badge)
iv) Divine Arbitration (Weapon)

This equipment set will enable the following effect:
After using her ultimate skill, Celeste gains the skill: Feast of Blood. Whenever an ally acts, Celeste will deal damage to nearby enemies and heals herself for 100% of the damage dealt. (only triggered twice).

In comparison, this is Celeste with normal equipment received from 2-star WonderBox.

All Heroes have their exclusive equipment set that grants different abilities, so keep a look out for those!

// Conclusion

We hope this gives you a clearer insight on WonderHero NFTs and how to distinguish the rare ones from the common ones. With this newly acquired info, it’s time to hunt down bargains on the WonderHero Marketplace now!

// About WonderHero

WonderHero is a Play to Earn Mobile RPG game, where gamers can earn rare NFTs (non-fungible token) and sell them on a peer-to-peer marketplace.

The team believes in forming a balanced universe where players of different levels can provide each other income opportunities while having fun at the same time.

WonderHero is led by a stellar team with leadership experience operating in a Top 20 crypto exchange and over 10 years of combined experience in gaming.

Join us on our official channels and stay updated of the news/updates!

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