[FAQ] — Transition to Free to Play, What happens to $HON?

2 min readOct 17, 2022


[Updated as of 18 Oct 2022]

  • Edit: We are extending the $HON deposit closure to 24 Oct, 6 pm UTC+8. This is to allow our community & Guilds more time to make any last transfers, especially those with a larger amount of $HON.

With WonderHero steering into the Free to Play model and making adjustments to improve existing token economics, we have recently announced during our Cross-Chain Bridge partnership article that $HON will be transiting into an “in-game” currency that can be acquired as an in-app purchase.

This FAQ addresses the burning questions that our community may have regarding what happens to their existing $HON and its future.

Q. What happens to $HON on BSC?

We intend to withdraw liquidity for $HON on PancakeSwap, and we suggest players transfer their $HON into the game account prior to the $HON deposit closure on 24 Oct 2022.

Q. What happens to $HON on Polygon?

$HON on Polygon (which is on the Game Account) is not affected and can be used in-game as usual.

For Guild Masters, you can operate as usual to transfer $HON across your different scholar accounts and your guild master account.

Q. Is the $HON Contract going to change?

No. The contract will still exist. With this change, the key thing is that $HON cannot be withdrawn or traded, but the issuance data will still be checked on Polygonscan.

You can check the official contract addresses for WonderHero tokens here:

Q. Why $HON deposit have to be closed now?

As part of our security plans, we have partnered with Cross-Chain Bridge which specializes in Cross-Chain operations, so that our development team can focus on servicing our game better, instead of diverting resources on our WonderBridge.

To complete these security measures, we need to close the $HON deposit, which was left open because WonderHero Community Tournament was in progress during that period.

Q. When will the In-app Purchase for $HON happen?

We do not have a confirmed date yet. We will share more as soon as we have the details.

Q. What are the utilities of $HON after this transition?

At the moment, $HON is still used for NFT enhancement, weapon modification as well as purchasing of NFT Refinement Chips. We are currently still evaluating the possible change to implement in consideration of increasing more $WND usage instead of $HON. Once the plans are finalized, we will share more details.

Thank you to our community for walking this journey with us and providing valuable feedback along the way!

This change is essential for our move to a single token economy with an ecosystem to onboard Web2 players seamlessly. It may be a little inconvenient temporarily, but it is in the longer interest of our community and the project roadmap.




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