[IMPORTANT] Community Update: WonderHero BNB Chain Bridging Withdrawal Compromised

//9 Apr 2022 Key Updates

At 5PM UTC+8: WonderHero website, marketplace and yield system will resume. Deposit & withdrawal, NFT Bridge and $WND-BNB staking will be disabled.

//8 Apr 2022 Key Updates

With key considerations of safety and security of the game, the WonderHero developer team has conducted a thorough inspection of the game ecosystem and identified numerous affected areas concerning the bridge while the game’s assets on Polygon remain safe. Our investigation continues and we will provide more updates in this newsletter.

  • Players can continue to earn $WND, $HON & NFT assets, however deposit & withdrawal of tokens in and out of the game will be disabled temporarily till further notice.
  • Players can continue to play PVP Arena this week to earn the rewards, but this week’s ranking results will not be considered as the official winners. As this week’s PVP is affected by the attack, we will not announce the winners on our social media.
  • Marketplace Buy/Sell will resume as the assets are on Polygon and unaffected.
  • We will continue to roll out a new feature in the upcoming week. (Players can send NFT as gift to another account)
  • Our team will continue to inspect and examine our game service exhaustively to ensure the safety and security of our players’ assets.
  • [tbc] Backend security checks and smart contract upgrades
  • [tbc] Improvised and verified bridge
  • [tbc] Full audit on smart contracts and bridge
  • [tbc] Release of new $WND Contract Address
  • [tbc] Compensation airdrop details
  • [tbc] Bridging reopens with new liquidity pool (we will put the same liquidity amount prior to the attack)
  • [tbc] Resume deposit and withdrawal of $WND/$HON from account to wallet

//Original Article posted — 7 Apr 2022 22:47 PM UTC+8

Earlier today, there was an attack on our cross-chain bridging withdrawal via BNB Chain. Based on our investigations, the attackers managed to get the signature and minted 80M $WND on BNB Chain and traded through PancakeSwap for a total of 750 BNB which resulted in the sudden drop of $WND price.

  1. The team will be working round the clock to rectify the breach on our cross-chain bridge.
  2. Internal checks followed by a full audit will be conducted for the entire system to mitigate all threats and to prevent any future exploitation.
  3. A new contract for $WND will be created and the new $WND tokens will be airdropped to our token holders based on the snapshot prior to the attack , before block 16731166.
  4. WonderHero will compensate 100% to all liquidity providers of the WND-BNB LP pool prior to the attack.
  5. Once the above are completed, the new $WND liquidity pool will start for trading again. WonderHero website, marketplace, game and other services will resume.
  6. We will announce the timeline for recovery of services on a later date.
  7. A bug bounty program will be planned after the audit to better protect users.

//Community Q&A

19 Apr 2022 6:15PM UTC+8 — Updated with additional Q9 and Q10



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WonderHero is NFT play-to-earn mobile game. The game is a turn-based MMORPG for iOS/Android where players collect Heroes, enter RPG combat and earn tokens.