[ANNOUNCEMENT] — WonderHero Opens Binance NFT Bridge on Dec 22!

With WonderHero Marketplace LIVE on Dec 21, WonderHero NFTs can be bought and sold between players, and our ecosystem is ready to get busy!

If you have bought WonderBox on BinanceNFT during the recent WonderHero Mystery Box sale, you can now transfer your WonderBox from Binance NFT platform to WonderHero platform starting from Dec 22, 10:00 AM UTC / 6:00 PM GMT +8 with the following steps:

Note: Ensure you have already opened your WonderHero Mystery Box and received the NFTs on Binance NFT platform. Unopened Mystery Boxes cannot be withdrawn per Binance NFT rules.

Reference Materials: https://www.binancezh.cz/zh-CN/support/faq/a2fb25696162460f9379c0ba43c5c622)

// How To Withdraw Your WonderBox NFT from Binance NFT

Step 1: Visit Binance NFT website, go to User Center and click [Withdraw]. Next, click the WonderBox you wish to withdraw and click [+] sign to input then click [Confirm] to proceed

Step 2: Click [Confirm] again as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3: Click [Add a Wallet]. Select [BSC Binance Smart Chain] and click [Confirm]. Note: Currently WonderHero only supports BSC Binance Smart Chain.

Step 4: Connect to your Metamask wallet. Click [Sign] to connect wallet. Note: Currently WonderHero only supports Metamask wallet.

Your Metamask wallet address will automatically showed in the [Destination Wallet Address] once you have successfully connected to your Metamask wallet. Next, click [Withdraw] to proceed.

Step 5: At the landing page of [Confirm withdrawal], click [Confirm] to proceed with the NFT withdrawal

Step 6: Once the withdrawal has been submitted, you can go to [User Center]-[History]-[Deposits & Withdrawals]-[Withdrawals] to check your NFT withdrawal status.

// How to Deposit NFT from Metamask to WonderHero Platform

Do note, Metamask PC does not support the display of NFTs, you will also be able to see your WonderBox on the Metamask mobile browser by importing.

Please read the following guide:

// About WonderHero

WonderHero is a Play to Earn Mobile RPG game, where gamers can earn rare NFTs (non-fungible token) and sell them on a peer-to-peer marketplace.

The team believes in forming a balanced universe where players of different levels can provide each other income opportunities while having fun at the same time.

WonderHero is led by a stellar team with leadership experience operating in a Top 20 crypto exchange and over 10 years of combined experience in gaming.

Join us on our official channels and stay updated of the news/updates!

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WonderHero is NFT play-to-earn mobile game. The game is a turn-based MMORPG for iOS/Android where players collect Heroes, enter RPG combat and earn tokens.