[ANNOUNCEMENT] — Announcing New Features on WonderHero Roadmap 2022 Q2


  • NFT Transfer within Guild
    Guild Masters will be able to have full control of all the NFTs in the Guild via Yield System, giving them the ability to transfer NFTs from the Scholar accounts to the Master account. This will allow Guilds to assess, plan and redeploy NFTs according to their strategy.
  • Listing NFT on Marketplace
    Guilds will be able to list their NFTs for sale on the Marketplace.
  • Data Export & API
    Another highly requested feature that will be released is the ability for Guilds to export their data into .csv. This will allow Guild Masters to crunch the numbers and perform in-depth analysis to evaluate their Scholars performance. Also, the API will enable WonderHero to connect with Data sites to provide better insights to the public.
  • Bulk Scholars Modification
    With this feature, it is going to be even easier for Guild Master & Managers! Making bulk updates to Scholar accounts, such as commission split, top up or withdrawn and more. What used to require 30 mins can be done within 1 min!
  • Expanded Scholar Account Creation
    Guild expansion is coming! We are also opening up this function, allowing existing Guilds to create new Scholar Account using $WND.
  • Manager Access (released on 3 March)
    This is another great feature that has been released on 3 March. Manager Access will allow Guild Master to add more members to manage their scholarship operations. There are several permission levels which the Guild Master can set, ensuring the member has the right authorization to perform specific tasks. Here are the list of permissions:
    - Create Scholar Account
    - Modify Scholar Account
    - Deposit to Scholar’s Game Account
    - Withdraw from Scholar’s Game Account
    - NFT Transfer and Management
    - Read only permission (can’t operate)



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WonderHero is NFT play-to-earn mobile game. The game is a turn-based MMORPG for iOS/Android where players collect Heroes, enter RPG combat and earn tokens.